- 60 Years -
Restoring the Beauty of Sight

Donor and Recipient Stories

Meet some people who have given others the beauty of sight, and those whose lives have changed by the beauty of restored sight. If you wish to tell your story, please send us correspondence to our offices as shown in the Contact Us page. We will not distribute or publish your story without your consent.

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Serum Tears

Serum Tears (Autologous Serum Eye Drops) are an ophthalmic biological therapy made to order for each patient. Serum Tears are made by combining the patient’s own blood serum with sterile, preservative-free saline or balanced salt solution.

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Our Foundation

Beauty of Sight Foundation is dedicated to support all philanthropic and vision-related work and community outreach of Florida Lions Eye Bank.

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Our Mission

Florida Lions Eye Bank provides ophthalmic services to ophthalmologists and patients to assist with treatment and advances the field of ophthalmology through research and innovation for the betterment of humankind.