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Eye Donor Awareness Month -March 2016

Thank you eye donors for your generosity

Thank You Eye Donors - March 2015

A short film created by the staff of Florida Lions Eye Bank featuring our friends, family, and colleagues thanking our eye donors for the priceless gifts they provide every day.

Saving Lives

Learn the facts about organ, eye, and tissue donation and register to save lives and restore the beauty of sight.

How to Register to Become an Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor

Donate you eyes and give the "Beauty of Sight" to someone in need.


Photo galleries and videos of our organization, events and celebrations.

Installation Gala 2019


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Florida Lions Eye Bank provides ophthalmic services to ophthalmologists and patients to assist with treatment and advances the field of ophthalmology through research and innovation for the betterment of humankind.


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