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Bride Is Walked Down Aisle by the Man Who Got Her Father’s Donated Heart

Nearly 10 years after Jeni Stepien’s father was killed, the man who received her father’s donated heart traveled from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

Organ Donors, Recipients Unite For First Time After Transplant

Florida Lions Eye Bank, in partnership with Donate Life Florida and the University of Miami, hosted an event to recognize and honor donor families, transplant recipients and transplant community partners.

Register as an eye donor with your iPhone

Soon you’ll be able to become a registered eye, organ and tissue donor using software built into your iPhone. Our colleague Jason Woody, CEO of Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research, gives the details of this great innovation.

Teen’s eye saved by Bascom Palmer and Florida Lions Eye Bank

A South Florida teen lost his hand using fireworks on July 4. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and Florida Lions Eye Bank provided a corneal transplant that saved his eye.

Blind and deaf child receives life-changing surgery at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

A blind and deaf toddler sees and hears for the first time after life-changing surgery at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Florida Lions Eye Bank is proud to work alongside the dedicated team that restored the little girl’s hearing and vision.

Contact lens use changes microbiome of the eye.

The word “microbiome” has come up a lot recently in health news. This article explains why paying attention to the microbiome of your eyes can improve your visual health.

Elizabeth Fout-Caraza interviewed by "Negocios y Ejecutiva"

Elizabeth Fout-Caraza Awarded
"Top Hispanic Entreprenuer 2015"




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In the fight against visual impairment and blindness, the Florida Lions Eye Bank recovers, processes and distributes ocular tissue for sight-saving surgery. It provides eye tissue and funding for ophthalmic research and training and operates a pathology lab to assist with patient diagnosis and treatment. It also provides professional and community education to promote eye donation.


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